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After my sojourner in casualty yesterday I came home to the dulcet tones of the recording you created for me after our session recently.

In fact I listened twice, once when I got home and before falling asleep.

I have 50% less pain this morning. 

You are wise soul who incorporates compassion and caring in her practice .

Elaine Young

Bringing that boy out of that home has been so powerful.

I have so much more energy and more motivation. People keep telling me i look years younger.

I haven’t been able to play or write music for so long but I’m going to write lyrics about this experience because doing this inner child work has changed everything.

Ruby, you’re an angel sent from heaven as far as I’m concerned. A wee darling.


I have rarely met a practitioner as clear, practical, and forthright as Ruby R. Mitchell.

Quite simply, there is no escape!

I owe many profound breakthroughs to her insightful clarity, professional support and relentless, patient care.

Ruby, I thank you.

Dee Light