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Hi I’m Ruby,

I empower ambitious and entrepreneurial


to free themselves from their painful past

so that they can create the life and the business they so deeply deserve,

without being “in therapy” for years.



I’m so happy that you’ve found me.

The fact that you’ve landed on my website tells me you’ve been searching for some answers, guidance and help, in regards to your physical, emotional and financial wellness; for a place you can get inspired by the success of others and learn the tools and techniques that have produced tangible results.

I know this, because I’ve been there too.

I’ve been where you are now – held back by childhood trauma, struggling with extreme health issues, frustrated by my inability to participate fully in my life, under huge financial pressure watching my bank account continue to shrink while I was unable to work.

The good news is that I’ve made it to the other side, and I’ve created a therapeutic framework and programs to help more individuals like you to do the same.

Working with me empowers you to take control of your healing journey.

As someone who has overcome a terminal illness, stepped free from numerous incurable illnesses, overcome C-PTSD and completely transformed my financial situation; you can actually trust me to guide you on your path, and to share the best strategies and solutions to your personal experience and situation.

I want to inspire you to know that:

  • You can gain freedom from your childhood trauma.
  • You can live the life you’ve been dreaming of.
  • You can be healthy.
  • You can build your dream business.
  • You can fully live up to your potential.
  • You can achieve your goals.

I want to partner with you as you navigate the different stages of your transformation – uncovering the root cause of your pain (it’s rarely what we think it is), healing your trauma, reconnecting with and healing your body, re-energising and re-vitalising your business and achieving the financial freedom you deserve.

I understand that you’re looking for a therapist and community that support you, cheer you on and celebrate your victories right alongside you.

I am that therapist and mentor. This is that safe haven. The place you knew in your heart existed and have finally found.

So, welcome.

Come join me and the other individuals just like you, who have taken the leap, freed themselves from their trauma and totally transformed their lives.

 About 5 weeks ago I started working with Ruby…and WOW, freaking WOW… the results have been incredible.

I’m a RTT Practitioner myself, but I knew I’d need someone incredible to take me through the process I required to move my brain trauma healing along phenomenally, because I’d stalled.

I tracked down Ruby because of her incredible track record and expertise in PTSD. And signed up with her pretty much immediately after speaking with her.

Y’know when you just have that gut feeling that someone is going to help you change your life?

The list is so long of huge improvements in my quality of life… I can’t remember them all, there’s so many. We were laughing about it today… it’s crazy freaking awesome. Really freaking awesome!

This brain trauma things has been a long bloody recovery road…even though quitting has never been an option…it’s been challenging as hell.

Ruby, thank you so much. To think where I was two months ago… to see where I am now… is mind blowing. It reinforces with even more fire the deep belief I having in the mind-body connection.

I’m so grateful to you, Ruby, and excited about our next round over the coming weeks of you being the most incredible RTT therapist.

You’re brilliant, woman! You really are!

Mandy Gibbons

I worked with Ruby just over a year ago, from writing this – I had severe abdominal pain that had seen me signed off work for 2 months. Each session saw a clear reduction in my pain scores, as layers of repressed issues were cleared.

By the end of our sessions, nearly all of my pain was gone (bar the bit that turned out to be gluten-intolerance caused)! My pain has not returned since working with Ruby.

I’ve also gone back to some of our recordings, as additional confidence boosters, when I’ve need the extra lift.

I highly recommend working with Ruby, and her warmth and caring helped hold me through some difficult healing.

Hannah Watson

Ruby offers the most incredible, profound and life-changing healing I’ve ever experienced.

If you genuinely want to unfuck your life, this is the woman to guide you on that journey.

Ruby is one of the most phenomenal healers and human beings I have ever met.

She’s a fucking rockstar!

Helen Conroy